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An articleset is a set of text documents (‘articles’) stored together in AmCAT for use in queries, as codingjobs or other purposes. After choosing a project, go to the Articles tab on the upper left of the page and click it to find an overview of all articlesets included in that project. Click on an articleset in the table to go to the articleset overview for this set. From this overview, you can edit several properties of the articleset, draw a sample from the set, or delete the set from the project altogether.


As you can see, the overview consist of a table listing all articles included in the set (click a row in the table to see the full text of that article in a new tab), as well as a number of buttons with further options, above the table. These buttons only show up if you have the required access rights. Let's have a look at the different options.

  • Query uses this articleset in a query.
  • Use refresh index in case you just created this articleset or added new articles to the set, but the articles do not show up in the table.
  • Deduplicate deduplicates the articleset anew. You can choose to skip article metadata (such as headline, date and page) in the deduplication process. For example, if two articles are exactly the same except for the page number, AmCAT would normally keep both articles when it deduplicates the set, since the page number is different. But if you choose to skip the page number, AmCAT will not consider this difference and remove one of the two articles in the deduplication process of this particular articleset.
  • Use in another project links the set to another project. Make sure you give the users in this second project at least the 'Reader' user role in the current project, or they will not be able to see the texts of the articles in the linked set.
  • Sample draws a random sample from the articleset, and saves this as a new set (which you can then assign as a coding job). Choose the size of the sample, name the new articleset containing the sample, and click Save. AmCAT then opens the overview screen of the new set. It might be a good idea to add a description to this new set that specifies which original set the sample is drawn from. Click ‘Edit details’ to do so.
  • Edit details allows you to change the project, name and description of the articleset. Add a description under ‘Provenance’ and click Save.
  • Delete, the rightmost button, deletes the articleset from AmCAT. After doing so, it is gone forever (AmCAT has no recycle bin). So, make sure you (and the other users of the project) are absolutely sure you want to delete the set before doing so.

Note: It is not possible to delete individual articles from an articleset. If you want to do so, create a new articleset using the article IDs in the original set minus those that you want to delete. You can enter these IDs as a list in the query screen.

AmCAT Version
This page describes a feature in AmCAT
View other version: 3.3 - 3.4 - 3.5