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The Query output option Actions gives you the option to create new articlesets or codingjobs from query search results, or add additional articles to an existing articleset.


  • First, you can add search results to an existing articleset. This can be useful in several scenarios. For example, if you previously created an articleset containing news about all political parties, but you forgot to include one party in the search term, you can search for this party only and add the results to the previously created set. AmCAT removes potential duplicates automatically. Also, if you want to merge several smaller articlesets together in one large one, use this option, and leave the Keyword Search window empty to include all articles from the set you query.

You need to select the project and the articleset you want to add the search results to. Click ‘Query’, and the articles will be added. AmCAT will tell you how many articles it added to the set after it is done.


  • Second, you can assign your search results as a codingjob directly. Specify the project, the coder and the coding schemes for the sentence- and article level (Unitschema and Articleschema). Name the codingjob, and, if your search resulted in an amount of articles that is too large for a single coding job, specify the job size. AmCAT then splits up the articles in a number of smaller jobs of that size (NOT randomly, but by article ID), that you can distribute among different coders later. See the 'Create a codingjob' section for details. Click ‘Query’ to create the codingjob.

Note: if the amount of articles you found with your search is too large to code manually, you might need to take a sample first before creating a coding job. If this is the case, save the results as an articleset first, draw a sample from this articleset, and then create one or more codingjobs from this sample.

  • Save as new set, lastly, creates a new articleset from the search results.

Specify the project, name the articleset, and click ‘Query’. You can find your new articleset in the overview under the ‘Articles’ tab.

AmCAT Version
This page describes a feature in AmCAT
View other version: 3.3 - 3.4 - 3.5