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If you select an AmCAT project you are directed to the project page. This is the place where your project article sets are stored. You can choose to list either your 'Active Sets', your 'Archived Sets' or 'Coding Job Sets' by clicking on these tabs (see Figure 5.1). AmCAT displays your archived sets by default, listing all the AmCAT project article sets you have archived. This list is empty for a new user, but you can easily upload a new project article set.


To create a new article set, you go to the AmCAT home page and click on the 'Manage Projects' button. Select the AmCAT project for which you want to upload a new article set by clicking on the project name. In the upper left corner you find the button ‘Add article set’. Clicking on this button displays a dropdown menu with the options ’Upload articles’ and ‘New Empty Set’.

‘New Empty Set’ adds a new articleset without uploading any articles into it. This is useful in case you want to add articles to AmCAT from an outside source, such as from a scraper or through R. If you want to add articles directly from within AmCAT, it is not necessary to create an empty set first. Instead, choose 'upload articles'.

‘Upload articles’ directs you to new page with a list with several options for different text formats that can be uploaded. Most of these are project specific, but Plain Text, LexisNexis and CSV can be used easily by all users. You can select the format that applies to your AmCAT project by clicking on the format name.

Figure 3.4 - AmCAT Navigator 3 Text Formats.jpg

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AmCAT Version
This page describes a feature in AmCAT
View other version: 3.3 - 3.4 - 3.5