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Manual annotation of documents in AmCAT is done in the Annotator. To go there, click on 'Annotator' on the upper right of the screen.


Here, you can code documents such as newspaper articles on the article level, the sentence level, or both.

Creating a new codingjob step-by-step[edit]

If you want to make your own codingjob from scratch, follow the steps below.

  • It is recommended to first draw an outline of the coding scheme(s) before starting in AmCAT.

Think of which variables to use on which level (sentence or article), and of the answer categories that each variable should have. Also, make sure you prepare the set of articles or texts you want to code, using a sample if necessary.

  • Then, create codebooks, sets of answer categories, to attach to variables. You need to create these first to be able to connect the answer categories to the variables in the next step.
  • If you want to highlight certain words in the article text shown when coding, create a highlighter.
  • When this is done, create codingschemes, schemes with variables for coding, for both the article and the sentence level.

Finished coding?[edit]

• When you are done coding, download coding results to use them for further analysis in programs such as Excel or SPSS.

AmCAT Version
This page describes a feature in AmCAT
View other version: 3.3 - 3.4 - 3.5